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In India, Ruder Finn is headquartered in New Delhi (NCR) and offices across key metros - Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai. We have a strong nationwide network of affiliates reaching over 62 media hubs across the country.

As for the rest of the world, we connect to you through our dual headquarters in the U.S. and China and have an extensive market presence across the US, UK, Middle East, Europe and the Asia Pacific.


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Atul Sharma

Managing Director,
Ruder Finn India

Radhika Mehta

National Head - Operations and Growth, Ruder Finn India

Malvika Sinha

Technology Practice Lead,
Ruder Finn India

Gillian Hooper

Associate Director-Digital,
Ruder Finn India

Suvir Paul

Executive Vice President,
Ruder Finn Thunder

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Transformation and Technology are the key axels of businesses and economies of tomorrow. Technology is a disruptor bringing forth new ways of connecting, consuming and shaping our world. With our origins deeply rooted in technology, we have a history of helping organisations break the glass ceiling with transformative storytelling. Our team of fierce thinkers excel in larger tech enterprises, agile mid-sized organisations and dynamic start-ups – whether it is about enterprise services, financial technology hybrid cloud, inter-connected IoT, intelligent automation, ERP solutions, cybersecurity, blockchain, AI/ML, IT services … you name it, we breathe it. We define ‘What’s Next!’ in tech for you!



The Consumer Connect clientele at Ruder Finn is a generous mix of Lifestyle, Entertainment, Luxury, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, among others. We believe that no one size fits all. We focus on developing insight-led creative strategies to empower customers to make informed decisions. Our ideas are deeply rooted in culture, our campaigns are social by design and our outreach finds its way into traditional channels organically. We create storytelling formats that are integrated and highly personalised for paid, owned and earned media.



Businesses today operate in a VUCA world, facing intense scrutiny from media, investors, activists and regulators. At the same time, there are seismic forces surrounding them – be it technology or security, cultural or political shifts. Our corporate team consists of former journalists, MBAs, bankers, lawyers and integrated marketing professionals, who work across various industries like B2B, real estate and hospitality to dissect our client’s business, strategy and drive their narrative. We help position companies for success in this fast-changing world by building reputation and admiration among external stakeholders, as well as deep emotional engagement among employees and partners.



For more than 60 years, we’ve been helping improve people’s health on behalf of some of the world’s leading organizations. As technological innovations disrupt the health and wellness sector, patient experiences are becoming increasingly personal, revolutionising the way one receives, delivers, measures and views “care.” Our multi-skilled teams have had long-standing partnerships with brands from multiple disciplines like Digital Health and Diagnostics, Specialty Pharma, Early Cancer Detection, Rare Diseases, Disease Policy & advocacy and Primary Care.



Digital is not what we do, it’s who we are and the language we speak… Through RFI Studios, we provide tailored-made award-winning strategy to our clients. We generate unique stories that speak to a multi-screen generation by exploring immersive media. We create digitally native and content-driven solutions—made simple by design and we believe in the same. From tried and true CEO speeches and newsletters to developing content for digital and social, we’re looking at new ways to create content that connects and builds relationships with your key audiences. We conceptualize dynamic offerings for brands with solutions like Chatbot, Live Feed, Web App, Cinemagraph, 2D/3D Animation & Virtual Reality. From digital and video content to infographics and websites, our work is honed to ensure your words, and your voice, matter



Our one-of-a-kind Emerging Technology vertical is where logic meets magic. The practice uses deep tech to analyse data and deliver streamlined campaigns for our clients. We are dedicated to leveraging technology and nothing prepares brands for success better than data-driven analysis and detailed insights. Whether it’s to better understand the campaign outreach, to deep-dive into the user journey or to polish your strategic decisions, an investment in web analytics & development using AI & ML has become essential for today’s modern marketeer. Important business trends, such as the rise of sales and marketing automation, the shift to influencer-driven buying, and the convergence of corporate and brand reputation, require a fully integrated and tech-driven market plan. That's where we come in.
RF Insights

Our Strengths


Ruder Finn Voice Powered by Amazon Alexa

With the power of Amazon Alexa, we are embracing the future of communication by leveraging voice-activated technology. This new frontier of experiential communications demonstrates new ways for brands to reach millions of customers on a personal level. As a preferred agency, Ruder Finn enjoys direct access to key technical and organizational personnel from Amazon to help us successfully deliver bespoke Alexa/Voice programming for our clients. This tool ensures that our clients are abreast of the latest happenings in the dynamic and ever-changing Voice universe. Our service enables us to add a voice personality to your brand, making it human, more accessible, and convenient for the consumers to reach the brand and drive engagement.


RF Truth Vector

Just because it's trending, doesn't make it true! The RF Truth Vector is a digital offering that focuses on early detection of the spread of misinformation and harmful content to protect and maintain clients' brand health. This offering is designed to help brands, companies, organizations and thought leaders to counter misinformation propagated by a heavily fractured, and sometimes intentionally sophisticated array of inaccurate information sources. Using a social intelligence system, we employ machine learning and AI to uncover and isolate harmful information before it gains traction; identify the factions and fringe networks behind the false information and detect underlying patterns to expose motives and agendas. The core purpose of the tool is to anticipate viral events before they have reached critical mass.


RF Influence

A journalist’s influence over a decade back was determined by the publication’s reach, however, today, it is amplified further by the journalist’s social media profile, followers, engagement, and their followers. Even today, consultancies follow the age-old practice of journalist who covers a sector and influencer who has a maximum follower count without taking into consideration their engagement rates or their authority. RF iScore is a tool reflecting changing times in PR industry. The tool helps create a rank or a score to map and measure the effectiveness of a potential media story or an influencer campaign. The tool is designed on the basic premise of changing media landscape, evolving consumption patterns and thereby selecting the right journalist, influencer of KOL.



Need to check your crisis resilience? We can do that. Fast. Test your risk preparedness with our SONAR™ digital crisis simulation system. Experience the dynamic, fast-moving environment of a crisis in real-time. See where you are vulnerable. Improve and upgrade. Our newest generation of SONAR™ is designed to streamline the entire simulation and facilitate a more valuable training experience. The latest SONAR™ technology expands on the most utilized features of the platform without sacrificing the realism and ease of use.

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